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Branding 101

by Joe Bayern, Senior Vice President

I’ve spent the past 12 years in the consumer products industry and have been lucky enough to work with dozens of iconic brands like Snapple, Dr Pepper, Cadbury and Trident, so it’s no wonder that I’m a strong proponent of branding.  People have an inherent need to be part of something bigger than themselves; whether through their organizations, clubs, schools or products they consume.  Brand associations tell a lot about who a person is or who they want to be.  If well-executed, effective branding can lead to generations of loyal consumers.  Branding is particularly important when it comes to publishing, because one of the best ways for authors to sell books is to create a loyal following and build a personal brand.

With that said, over the next few days, I‘ll share with you some of the thoughts I’ve shared with the authors I’ve been fortunate enough to work with since joining AuthorHive.