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Virtual Bookstore: Heath and Wellness Picks

Contributions for this post were supplied by Maggie Hames, Social Media Specialist & Sandy Dunwoody, Literary Publicist

Chasing the Shark: A Journey from Fear to Freedom
by Rosanne Masone

Baby boomer and life coach Rosanne Masone claims sharks—yes, sharks!—played an important role in her own rescue. In Chasing the Shark: A Journey from Fear to Freedom, Masone describes how she faced her crippling fear of water to become a certified PADI rescue diver and swim with sharks. Now, Roseanne delivers motivational speeches that include her diving experiences, and is on a quest to teach others how to change “no” mentalities to “yes” mantras. Visit her at www.giantstridesllc.com. 

Naked: This is My Story, This is Our Song 
by Leslie Masters, M.D.

Not long after beginning her work in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Leslie Masters noted a recurring theme: Patients seeking her help rarely asked for a smaller waist, a tighter face or a flatter tummy.  They presented their goal as “I just want to feel better.”  Knowing the solution was not to be found in the operating room but deep within, Dr. Masters wrote Naked: This is My Story…This is Our Song. Naked is the true story of Leslie Masters, a 45-year-old physician, single mother of three, soccer mom, cheer and gymnastics coach, cosmetic medicine expert, entrepreneur and small business owner who—on the surface—appeared to have it all.

The cover of her book is bare except for Masters own scarred form. “This soccer mom bared the outside imperfections for the book cover to make a point,” says Dr. Masters. “I’m now ready to expose the inside scars as well to give others strength, experience and hope.” From surviving a horrific car accident in her teens and overcoming an addiction to pain medication to DEA officers in her office, Naked shares the good, the bad and the worst of what she has been through, and how beauty is truly more than skin deep.  Visit Dr. Masters at www.drlesliemasters.com.

Finding My Breath: My Journey from OCD to Yoga
by Rochelle Lynn Falack

If yoga can help Rochelle Falack overcome OCD, imagine the relief it could bring to your life. Falack tried medication and therapy to deal with her OCD. Nothing worked. She finally found relief when she tried yoga. Today, Falack is a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher who has practiced and taught the art for more than 20 years. Finding My Breath is her remarkable story to recovery. Learn how yoga can help you manage stress, fight depression and rise about emotional hardships.  http://www.findingmybreath.com

Cooking with Healthy Girl
by Mandy Potter

If Mandy Potter said you could lose weight and eat healthier without giving up the foods you love, would you believe her? Potter’s full-color cookbook contains such family favorites as Green Bean Casserole, with fewer calories and less sugar, fats, carbs and cholesterol than even the Campbell’sâ Fat-Free or Healthy Requestâ Cream of Mushroom Soup versions. Besides the cookbook, Potter shares tips and videos at www.cookingwithhealthygirl.com.

Virtual Bookstore: Reads for women, parents and families

This is a guest post by Hannah Shaner at BohlsenPRFor more information or to request a review copy of any of the books below, contact Hannah at hshaner@bohlsenpr.com

Barely Exposed
By Latana

How often does society listen to the opinions and views of young adults?

In her new book of photos, Barely Exposed, photographer Latana delves into this notion, proving the importance of this misrepresented age group by photographing and surveying 60 geographically and ethnically diverse 17- to 21-year-olds to better understand how they see the world and themselves.

Who should read this: Young adults, parents with children transitioning from youth to adulthood

Find out more: http://latanastudio.com


Any Mother’s Daughter
By Bonnie Diraimondo

One woman is out to change the way Americans think of HPV (human papillomavirus).

By now, most Americans are aware that HPV can cause sexually transmitted diseases and lead to cervical cancer. What most people don’t know, however, is that HPV also causes cancers of the anus, penis, vagina, vulva, head, neck, throat and lungs. Since being diagnosed with HPV in 1987 that led to anal cancer, Bonnie Diraimondo, RN, of Oviedo, Fla., has written Any Mother’s Daughter: One Woman’s Lifelong Struggle with HPV to remedy this dangerous lack of information.

Who should read this: Women of all ages, families of women at risk

Find out more: http://thehpvsupportnetwork.org/


The Daily Faith Devotional Journal
By Jerome Spriggs

The Daily Faith Devotional Journal by Jerome Spriggs is an at-home tool that can be used to know and learn the Bible and to incorporate it into everyday life. 

Who should read this: Men and women of all ages

Find out more: http://jeromespriggs.com/


The Educated Heart
By Janet Logan

In The Educated Heart, Janet Logan takes her readers into the life of Bobbie Bloom, a wife-turned-widow who adopts her late husband’s child after his death. After the estranged nanny kidnaps the child, Bobbie has to overcome her reluctance to accept the strange circumstances of this adoption, her sudden jolt into motherhood and her reunion with her old love, Norman. Interjected with zany humor and true-to-life situations, man, woman, spouse and parent can all find a piece of themselves in The Educated Heart.

Who should read this: Women and men of all ages

Find out more: http://janetloganbooks.com/


Soft As Iron
By Giovanna Lavena

Soft As Iron is the story of a scorned child who becomes an abused wife and mother. Born out of wedlock in pre-WWII, religiously conservative Italy, Vanna begins her life in an orphanage, despised by her maternal grandmother from birth. Soon reunited with her domineering mother and manipulative father, she seeks solace from the struggles of her childhood in marriage, only to discover her new husband’s abusive ways. Battered and scared, Vanna must risk her life as she knows it to protect herself and her children, to overcome a lifetime of fear and finally find the path she has always deserved.

Who should read this: Women, especially those needing inspiration to stay strong and stand up for themselves

Find out more: http://softasiron.com/


Jesus My Son: Mary’s Journal of Jesus’ Early Life
By Mary R. Bailey

Mary takes us on a journey of Jesus’ early years as seen through the eyes of His mother. She offers a new perspective of the incidents of the birth related by Matthew and Luke, and introduces events that may have happened in those years between His birth and the time Jesus leaves home to begin His ministry. An inspirational, easy-to-read narrative written as only a mother can—deeply, from her heart.

Who should read this: Religious women, mothers, anyone interested in Biblical history

Find out more: http://www.jesusmyson.com


Polyxena: A Story of Troy
By Herb Allenger

Whatever happened to Polyxena, Achilles’ love, after his death? Author Herb Allenger lets us hear her thoughts in Polyxena: A Story of Troy. Once Troy falls, Neoptolemus (Achilles’ son), claims this youngest daughter of King Priam as his prize, but she rejects him; in a fit of rage, he contrives a story that dooms her. The reader is privy to her confessions to Aphrodite as she relives her relationships with Achilles, Helen and others as she seeks solace in the hope that her existence was not futile.

Who should read this: Anyone who enjoys romance or Greek/Roman history

Find out more: http://www.hallenger.com


Finding My Breath: My Journey from OCD to Yoga
By Rochelle Lynn Falack

Author Rochelle Lynn Falack tried medication and therapy to deal with her OCD. Then she tried yoga – and her life has never been the same. Today, Falack is a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher who has practiced and taught the art for more than 20 years. Finding My Breath is her remarkable story, from the abusive treatment that led to her OCD to a mind-altering trip to Bali and back to her Jewish heritage, her New York home and her marriage that stayed strong despite many setbacks.

Who should read this: Anyone interested in personal stories of triumph or in finding a way to bring more focus to their lives.

Find out more: http://www.findingmybreath.com


The Girls from Winnetka
By Marcia Chellis

“Did we make history, or did history make us?”  That question by Margo, one of The Girls from Winnetka, defines the exploration that is Marcia Chellis’ memoir.  She shares funny, gritty and heartbreaking tales from the lifelong friendships of five women who grew up and shaped by the nice-girl rules of the 1950’s, but not defined by them.  A New York Times bestselling author, Chellis has written two successful nonfiction books about women, Living with the Kennedy’s:  The Joan Kennedy Story and Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives.

Who should read this:  Women who grew up in the 1950s or want to better understand who did.

Find out more:  http://www.marciachellis.com