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Virtual Bookstore: Non-Fiction Picks

This is a guest post by Hannah Shaner at BohlsenPR.  For more information or to request a review copy of any of the books below, contact Hannah at hshaner@bohlsenpr.com

Beyond the Wall: A Memoir
by Dolores E. Cross

For Dr. Dolores Cross, veteran marathon runner and honored college and university president, Jan. 6, 2006, was the last day of her life as she knew it.

After having resigned from her position as president of a fragile historically black college in Atlanta only four years earlier, Cross found herself in a cold courtroom that Tuesday morning, listening in dismay as she was fined, sentenced to a year of house arrest, 500 hours of community service and five years probation. False accusations and press reports spread that she had embezzled millions of dollars in student financial aid in her role as president of Morris Brown College—a crime she did not commit. What did happen and how did she deal with it?

Who should read it: Lovers of memoirs, non-fiction works, heartbreakingly true stories

Find out more: www.doloresdrc.org


Pants on Fire
by Paul Christopherson

Pants on Fire: Cutting Through the Biggest Lies of 21st Century American Plutocracy examines the role played by purposeful lying in both government and society. Analyzing what he refers to as ‘big-money lies,’ Christopherson outlines the seven key lies governing America, maintaining that some of the most successful include the notions that deregulation, free markets and loose money are economically advantageous.

Who should read it: Broad audience – those who have lost their jobs, who are struggling financially, who are more concerned with political agendas than politics in general. 

Find out more: www.christophersonp.com

Virtual Travel
by Barry Shuler

Barry Shuler’s Virtual Travel: Embrace or Expire provides a compelling view of a future where people will be able to travel to any location without physically leaving their hometown. This experience of the future will be so realistic that it will be indistinguishable from traditional physical travel; it will retain the positive aspects while eliminating the downsides we currently experience as well as add more benefits that physical travel could never deliver. Through this book, readers will realize that it is time to take virtual travel seriously and use it as a tool of preparation to begin planning for its arrival.

Who should read it: Businesspeople, people who travel, people in travel, transportation and hospitality industries

Find out more: barryshuler.wordpress.com


Have We Lost Our Common Sense?
by Bob Terrell

Have We Lost Our Common Sense? is a no-holds-barred discussion of the most diverse and controversial issues of today. Author and former Ford Motors executive Bob Terrell reminds Americans of simpler times, when we solved problems with common sense, had more effective solutions to our country’s problems and Grandpa knew best.

Who should read it: The American public

Find out more: www.amazon.com


Finding My Breath
by Rochelle Lynn Falack

Rochelle Lynn Falack tried medication and therapy to deal with her OCD. Then she decided to try yoga – and her life has never been the same. Yet, when this modern Orthodox Jew recently published a first-person account of her harrowing personal story, some in the local Jewish community expressed discomfort and distate over her revelations.

When she was 3, Falack’s teenage babysitter forced her to eat cockroaches with her scrambled eggs and routinely stuck the child’s head in the toilet after she had used it. Too young to understand, Falack coped by retreating inside her head to count.

She reveals all in Finding My Breath, a nonfiction, first-person account of her struggle, including how her husband turned to drugs to cope with his wife’s OCD.

Finally, at age 30, she recognized she needed help. She discovered yoga by chance – and soon realized she was counting less and less. She eventually traveled to Bali to learn how to become a certified teacher.

Now, through Finding My Breath, she hopes to help other OCD sufferers find a way to gain some control over their compulsions.

Who should read it: People who like true, personal stories, yoga lovers

Find out more: www.findingmybreath.com


My Guardian Angel and Me
by Arlan W. Horman

In My Guardian Angel and Me, author Arlan W. Horman takes readers on an intimate journey through a lifetime of military service and a career in civil engineering. Born just as the United States entered World War I, Horman recalls decades of experience and service as a combat engineer in England, Germany and France during World War II. Personal and revealing, Horman recounts the dozens of times he was protected by the presence of his guardian angel.

Who should read it: Veterans, those interested in U.S. history / military history, those interested in engineering, senior citizens, those interested in healing/spirituality/religion.

‘Tis the Season – Sell Your Book to Holiday Shoppers

by Jessica Barrett, Events Manager

I awoke in a panic this morning. With the holidays just around the corner, I need to get cracking on my gift shopping. I like to buy unique, hand-crafted gifts and often attend my local Gift and Hobby Show. And it hit me… what a great place for authors to sign and sell their books.

Think about it – you have an audience whose sole purpose is to buy, buy, buy. And we already know that books make great gifts. Combine the two and you have the makings of some potentially solid holiday sales.

I Googled “holiday expos” and found 604,000 results, “holiday shopping shows” yielded 89 million results. From Columbus, OH to Brisbane, Australia you can find a holiday craft, hobby and shopping expo. To find an event or two in your area, use events sites like www.zvents.com, www.eventbright.com, www.eventful.com, upcoming.yahoo.com or check with your local Chamber of Commerce, houses of worship, schools and fairgrounds. Events usually start mid-November and run strong through mid-December. There are usually fees to obtain booth space so be sure to consider the cost vs. how many books you’ll think you can sell or consider sharing booth space to save money.

If you do decide to participate in a holiday bazaar, be sure to promote yourself by sending out marketing materials, updating your website, Facebook, and adding your information to event sites like the one’s mentioned above.

Don’t forget to bring a tablecloth, signing poster and easel, book stands to prop up your book, copies of book reviews, cash to make change, more books than you’ll think you’ll sell and, most importantly, holiday spirit and a smile.