Book Bzzz is the marketing blog for AuthorHive, a literary marketing and publicity group powered by the world’s largest indie book publisher, Author Solutions, Inc.

As an author, one of the hardest jobs is getting your words and ideas onto paper.  But as you know, publishing your book is just the first step.  Without the right marketing and publicity, potential readers may never get a chance to connect with the dream that you have spent months – or even years – passionately creating. 

Prospective readers are bombarded with thousands of messages daily so it’s our job to help you indentify and reach your intended target audience through thoughtful, consistent and compelling messaging.  AuthorHive specializes in a holistic marketing approach, executed in a four-step methodology to ensure consistency and effectiveness.  AuthorHive has assembled a high performance team of unparalleled industry knowledge and brand management experience. 

At AuthorHive, we also promote the idea of community.  Keeping up with marketing technology can be a full time job; understanding what is working and what isn’t working from fellow authors can be vital to developing a successful strategy. We encourage you to become an active member of our community by posting blog comments and responding to fellow colleagues.

Keep an eye on Book Bzzz as we discuss industry news, book marketing and selling suggestions as well as new and upcoming technology.