What Inspires You?

by Shelley Rogers Landes, Marketing Manger

in·spire  verb \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\:  to influence, move, motivate or guide

At the beginning of my professional career at Macmillan Publishing, I remember being the youngest person on our sales team and I was proud of that fact.  I always felt lucky to be in the right place at the right time and to work for managers that valued my opinion and encouraged my development as an  account manager and sales professional.

I look around our offices today and realize I have suddenly become one of the oldest people on our team and often wonder to myself, “….how did that happen?”  Some of my colleagues are honestly old enough to be one of my kids and a year ago, that really bothered me.

Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, WordPress, Flickr, Yahoo IM, You Tube. I had a vague knowledge of social media and could talk my way through a meeting but the reality was, I was being left behind.  As a marketing manager, I was diminishing my value proposition to my employer as an effective part of our marketing team because I was feeling uninspired to know and use the tools that are essential to our industry today.

Once I got past the fact that I had aged much quicker than I had realized, I will tell you that much of my inspiration, energy, education and enthusiasm in 2010 came from the wide eyed, untarnished and courageous ideas of this young creative team I work with on a daily basis. 

While I have taken the position of the “industry veteran” on our team, my young colleagues have taught me a whole new way of communication through social media.  I have been inspired to keep up, stay fresh and educate myself about trends and technology that are essential to the success of my job.

So what inspires you as an author?  What inspires you to write every day?  What drives you to want to create your next masterpiece?


7 responses to “What Inspires You?

  1. Madison Woods

    Most of the time, my inspiration comes from mundane things that catch my eye in out-of-the-ordinary ways. It works a lot like the kind of photography I do… a leaf on the ground, nothing special. Except the light shining through it, that I can only see properly if I get down on the ground *just so*, makes it look like a stained-glass window. Those are the kinds of things that inspire my writing.

    • Hi Madison,
      I love it! I’m always surprised at the small things that inspire me to reach a little higher. Watching and listening to my kids be creative is a huge motivator for me. Have you ever sat and watched the maple leaf spinners in the spring? Not only is it a spring time favorite for me but maple leaf spinners are a little piece of natures perfection. “Brilliant” ideas have been realized while sitting quietly, watching and wondering.

      • Madison Woods

        Maple leaf spinners… I’ve never heard of them – is it a caterpillar or a spider? Now I’ll have to see if we have any of whatever they are so I can watch, too, lol.

  2. Madison,
    It’s the seed from a maple tree that spins when it drops to the ground. I’ve been told they can also be referred to as “helicopters,” “maple keys,” or “whirlybirds” but as a kid, we always called them “spinners.”

    NASA actually shows you how to make them!

  3. Madison Woods

    Oh yes! I’ve seen those. Wow, I can’t believe there’s instructions for making them, lol. We did have a lot of fun dropping them when I was a kid, though, and my kids enjoyed them too. Now I have grandbabies and when they are old enough, I’ll show them the spinners too. We called them ‘helicopters’ 🙂

  4. Jessica Barrett

    What inspires me?
    Fresh baby (newborns).
    The first sign of spring.
    The opportunity to out-do myself.
    To do each thing better than I did it last time.
    Lifting up another and seeing their success unfurl.
    Having the right support person or team in place to push me beyond my comfort zone and cheer me on.

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