Keep Facebook Public and Private

By Brittani Hensel, Project Coordinator

Everyone remembers someone older and wiser telling them, “When I was younger we didn’t have _____ .”    Lately, I’ve been considering how differently we experience Internet than ever before, and how it’s difficult to keep what seems like everything from always being on the internet.

Social networking has given publicity something that has never before been possible.  A publicist for an author can leverage social media publicity to interact with not only media, but the general public as well.  While there are still limitations, social networking has given publicity a window for independent authors.  Of course, there are still concerns when it comes to privacy.  Even for me, where Facebook is just a tool I use to keep in contact with friends, privacy is very important to me. 

In 2010, Facebook experienced intensive media coverage because of its privacy policies.  Since that time, they have made privacy settings much easier and comforting to those of us who aren’t used to sharing everything online. They’ve even published an easy guide to make updating your settings a cinch. As an author using Facebook to promote your brand, privacy becomes increasingly more important and a necessity to understand and update.  This can be even more concerning if your book is controversial.

Authors can create their own brand via Facebook, by having an author page, and a fan page.  With AuthorHive, your publicist can show you the ins and outs of Facebook and utilizing it most effectively. The difference is that the author page is something that fans and followers can use to ‘befriend’ the author, and the fan page is where fans and followers can ‘Like’ the author and have discussions.  Using Facebook’s privacy settings, authors with personal pages can select the ‘Friends Only’ privacy option in Facebook’s privacy settings. The guide can show how to change those settings step-by-step.  This means the private page is un-searchable and only friends that are approved can see anything associated with that profile.

Here are some tips to remember for Facebook:

  1. Never share anything you wouldn’t tell a stranger. 
  2. Don’t ‘friend’ anyone on your personal page that you don’t know, especially when you’re trying to maintain an author brand identity and keep a private page as well.
  3. Monitoring your author page is important.  If there are negative or non-relevant items posted, delete them.

For more information about Facebook and how to get started, check out the following books:


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