Make Your List of 2011 Book Marketing Commitments

by Jessica Barrett, Events Manager

Now is the time to get that new 2011 calendar out and commit to:

  1. Promote yourself to Chief Marketing Officer and get to know your craft
  2. Promote your book
  3. Promote yourself

If you can check the first off of the list, the others will be much easier to come by.  Learning more about marketing can be as easy as knowing what book events are happening in 2011 and reading about, attending or signing copies of your book at one or more of them.  Across the U.S. are several amazing book festivals, and if you happen to live near one or are lucky enough to afford the time and cost to travel to one, you should. 

Below are just a handful of book festivals/fairs to consider in 2011:

Tucson Festival of Books Tucson, Arizona; March
Philadelphia Book Festival Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; April  
LA Times Festival of Books Los Angeles, California, April
Brooklyn Heights Book Festival Brooklyn, New York; September
Decatur Book Festival Decatur, Georgia; September  
National Book Festival Washington, D.C. at the National Mall; September
Texas Book Festival Austin, Texas; October
Wisconsin Book Festival Madison, Wisconsin; October
Litquake – San Francisco’s Literary Festival San Francisco, California; October  Miami Book Fair Miami, Florida; November

Be sure to Google your surrounding cities for book festivals, fairs, and events – city, school, church and Parks and Rec sponsored. You might be surprised to find one near you.


3 responses to “Make Your List of 2011 Book Marketing Commitments

  1. I want to say thank you for offering such valuable information. I am a new author and just pacing myself and finding my way along. thank you for the encouragement and timely advice.


    • Let us know how your new adventure is treating you! We love to hear what is working for authors and what isn’t working.

      I work pretty closely with a handful of our internal publicists and tripped on something today that they use daily that has been helpful getting our authors free publicity. It’s called HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and can be found at the following link:

      Journalists are constanting looking for real life sources or experts to quote. HARO is a data base that connects both experts and journalist. I signed up for HARO today and was just sent 5 queries to consider contributing my expert advice. While the 5 queries sent to me today did not fit any of my areas of expertise I’m happy to announce that I have been written up and quoted in American Baby using a similar service. My collegue was recently picked up by a freelance writer who was interested in her story and will be written up and quoted as a source in the April 2011 Better Homes & Gardens magazine regarding a story on, “Pedicures Gone Bad.”

      Try it out! It might be worth the time and effort to get your name in print!

  2. My books on the website would be bestsellers IF only I could market them to the media. On my website look at Other Works to see my latest book titled: Did God Screw Up?
    Victor Garrod, Th.M.,

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