5 Reasons Why People Join Twitter

by Kelly Rynard, Literary Publicist

Recently a friend of mine joined Twitter, I found it ironic since for so long he dismissed everything I said about the social network site, calling it a “waste of time.”  Then I come to find a month later he joined only to follow members of the Indianapolis Colts, like Antoine Bethea, Robert Mathis, Jerraud Powers, Pierre Garcon and Jim Irsay just to name a few.   He stated, “If big Jim Irsay can Twitter guess I have to too.”  I’m still trying to get him to use ‘tweet’ as the verb for Twitter. 

Following a football team may not be the reason most people join Twitter, but for some it is.  So, for all you cynics, here are some reasons to start tweeting:

  1. Making Connections Twitter is an excellent marketing tool for any industry.  It enables you to build relationships with people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.
  2. Share Knowledge There are experts on anything and everything.  Knowledge and expertise is spread constantly on Twitter through real life experiences, newspapers and magazine articles, photos and videos.  You can also learn endless information from followers.
  3. Traffic to Your Website Twitter is a brilliant way to promote yourself or your website to thousands of people at one time.  Posting a 140 character tease about your website or business is a terrific way to interest people in clicking through to your site.
  4. Word of Mouth Advertising Twitter is where people are.  There is no better way to reach your niche audience.  When you are actively engaging with your followers in your niche you will see your brand expand exponentially.
  5. Interact with others and get advice Everyone needs advice every once and while.  Twitter is a wonderful place to ask your followers questions about anything at all, whether it be what to do on a Saturday night to what to blog about for the week.  Keep in mind people love free stuff so try offering your readers a free product in return for a review.

I sat through a Twitter workshop with “Twitter Guru” Kyle Lacy yesterday and he suggested sending new Twitter users to YouTube for quick and basic Twitter tutorials.  I searched YouTube this morning and thought I would share a couple links I thought might be helpful as you get started:

For more information about getting started with Twitter, check out the following books:


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