Need a New Angle? Jane Fonda Can Help!

by Brittani Hensel

I know what you’re thinking.  “What can Jane Fonda teach me about my book?”

The athletic workout queen has just released a new workout DVD and has completed research for her new book, Prime Time: Creating a Great Third Act.  The typical stereotype of older men and women neglecting the former workout routine they once had at a younger age is something Fonda says should change.

In a recent AP article, Fonda discusses that as she got older, she realized she was in a great position to help and teach older men and women the keys to staying active and being healthy.

I know…you’re still confused.  What Jane Fonda has done with this new workout DVD and book is something any author can do when they realize their book is a little out-of-date.  Instead of retiring and living with her millions of dollars made when she was young, and hip, she’s taken what she knows and assured her followers she’s still young and hip. She didn’t just sit back and think, “Well, I’ve had my moments, it’s over now.” She found a way to use what she knew to further her success as a professional workout guru.

Take a country old-time cookbook for example.  Typically country, old-time recipes call for nearly a million tablespoons of butter, and another fifty cups of vegetable oil.  But with health conscious news articles on the rise, and the public well aware that they should start monitoring their cholesterol, this cookbook seems, well…old.

If I’m the author of this cookbook, my first goal is going to be modernizing my cookbook.  A couple of tips for putting a new angle on this cookbook include focusing on that new angle of health consciousness, and explaining how to turn old recipes into healthy ones. Every cook knows there are reasonable and tasty substitutions that can turn a recipe around.  Just like Fonda, authors can take their old ideas and modernize them.

Some suggestions include:
1.  Use social media to talk about your brand
2.  Remind your followers you’re still hip: You’re an expert, and you know all about your book’s topics.
3.  Focus on what you know: If your book is about cooking, talk about the new topics and ideas in the news. If your book is about spelunking or hiking, talk about new inventions that help make these activities safer.

As always, Author Hive is here to help your book meet those timely topics and promote your brand!

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