Virtual Bookstore: Holiday Picks

Contributions for this post were supplied by Maggie Hames, Social Media Specialist & Kelly Rynard, Literary Publicist

The Journey: Living Life Without Limits
by MonJurr

Summary:Statistics show that millions of people struggle with depression and feelings of hopelessness. In his new book, The Journey: Living Life without Limits, MonJurr uses his own religious calling to dispense motivational advice for others who desire to live a life free of frustration and turmoil.


Who should read this: Men and women of all ages
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by Lou Peel

Summary: Many people struggle with motivation and self-confidence. In her new book, Motivation, author Lou Peel uncovers an introspective look at every woman’s self-esteem and creative abilities. Learn a better outlook on life, become empowered and inspired to do more. It will illustrate how self confidence will lead an optimistic outlook on life and gain personal power.

Who should read this: Women, especially those needing to take control of their lives and seize opportunities

What Now?
by Patty Bialak

Summary:  After three failed marriages, Patty Bialak has learned that you don’t need a ring on your finger to be truly happy. She lives a healthy, active lifestyle in San Juan Capistrano, California. She works as a freelance Certified Public Accountant, teaches yoga and goes hiking daily. In her new book, What Now? A Memoir of Self Realization, Bialak reveals her journey to happiness and why she believes life is all about living authentically.

“Finding your passion means doing all the things you enjoy and never letting an opportunity slip by. When an opportunity presents itself and your first instinct is to say, ‘I could never do that,’ do it anyway,” says Bialak.
A Passion for Prying
by Nancy Mangano

Summary:  High heels are a must for private investigator Natalie North. Her specialty? Busting adulterous partners. And while no one can catch a cheating husband faster, Natalie is ready for a bigger challenge.

When a murder-suicide takes place at a nearby diner, Natalie finally has a chance to prove herself.  But does she have what it takes? A Passion for Prying by criminal justice enthusiast Nancy Mangano, is a spicy read packed with witty humor and a touch of the risqué.

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by Greg Messel

Summary:  Earning 4 ½ out of 5 stars, Expiation is “recommended to those of you who like stories about long-lost loves… an easy and wonderful read.” Back before exes could learn everything about each other with one click of the Facebook mouse, the two high school sweet hearts lost touch. Numerous internet searches, disconnected landlines and changed addresses left the couple still wondering “What if?” 30 years later. What happens when the two finally see each other after all these years?

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