5 Ways to Build Your Brand

by Maggie Hames, Social Media Specialist

Recently during a conversation with an author, I was asked an interesting question: Are we focusing on my book or me as an author?

While you do want to promote your book, the larger plan is to build your personal brand. Think of Stephen King or Danielle Steele. Their household names bring to mind a certain genre and automatically you know what type of book to expect. Their fans are drawn to every book they produce, not just one particular title.

This is the type of following every author dreams of.

Here are 5 ways to get started:

  1. Elevator Speech – Develop a short pitch outlining who you are as an author and what you write about. Focus on what makes you different. Be well rehearsed and able to deliver this pitch on the spot. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to spread the word.
  2. Headshot & Bio – Have a quality headshot and bio. Make this available to your readers and for use in promotional materials. A good headshot gives you instant recognition. And it could make the difference between respect and skepticism.
  3. Online ­– Begin building your network online. Whether you write about medieval times or Caribbean art, there’s a community out there. Get involved. Share relevant information. If you can, host a domain name (your name or your subject matter).
  4. Be Unique ­– Find an angle that makes you different. Don’t just be another cook book author. Why are your recipes special? Why are you special? Focus on that.
  5. Stay Positive – Building your brand can be a long journey. And you may experience rejection along the way. But focus on why you wrote your book in the first place. After all, even J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before Harry Potter made it big.

6 responses to “5 Ways to Build Your Brand

  1. Sounds good! I have a bit of an identity crises between me, my book and my field of interest. How is this approach handled if the book is co/authored? Can a brand be forged even though the books are co/authored?

  2. I would stick to building on your own identity. Be sure to still be identified as “co-author of…..” Hopefully, you can find a common ground between you, your book and field of interest to focus on.

  3. Lovely pointers, I’m trying on the third especially. And the last is very important, it sure can be a long and hard road.

    • Hi Myne,
      Glad you liked the post. Let us know how your marketing and publicity campaign is going for your book as well as what’s working and not working for you.

      It is indeed a long and tough road but what an amazing journey it can be!
      AuthorHive Marketing & Publicity

  4. Hi Maggie . . . . I like your “5 ways to get started” I made a copy and will start. thank you.

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