‘Tis the Season – Sell Your Book to Holiday Shoppers

by Jessica Barrett, Events Manager

I awoke in a panic this morning. With the holidays just around the corner, I need to get cracking on my gift shopping. I like to buy unique, hand-crafted gifts and often attend my local Gift and Hobby Show. And it hit me… what a great place for authors to sign and sell their books.

Think about it – you have an audience whose sole purpose is to buy, buy, buy. And we already know that books make great gifts. Combine the two and you have the makings of some potentially solid holiday sales.

I Googled “holiday expos” and found 604,000 results, “holiday shopping shows” yielded 89 million results. From Columbus, OH to Brisbane, Australia you can find a holiday craft, hobby and shopping expo. To find an event or two in your area, use events sites like www.zvents.com, www.eventbright.com, www.eventful.com, upcoming.yahoo.com or check with your local Chamber of Commerce, houses of worship, schools and fairgrounds. Events usually start mid-November and run strong through mid-December. There are usually fees to obtain booth space so be sure to consider the cost vs. how many books you’ll think you can sell or consider sharing booth space to save money.

If you do decide to participate in a holiday bazaar, be sure to promote yourself by sending out marketing materials, updating your website, Facebook, and adding your information to event sites like the one’s mentioned above.

Don’t forget to bring a tablecloth, signing poster and easel, book stands to prop up your book, copies of book reviews, cash to make change, more books than you’ll think you’ll sell and, most importantly, holiday spirit and a smile.

One response to “‘Tis the Season – Sell Your Book to Holiday Shoppers

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