Book Buddies: Discovering Your Tribe

by Shik Love, Senior Writer

Here’s the thing, when you become a self-published author, you become a salesperson. As a newly minted salesperson you’ll be tempted to believe that your customer is your only audience. An honest mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

Finding your tribe (“those like-minded souls who make your heart sing” –Kelly Cutrone) is an essential part of your success. Gathering a circle of peers, not only helps you to continue to hone your craft, it also creates a unified front in sharing opportunity-rich referrals, building brand recognition and growing book-purchasing audiences.

If you’re a children’s book author, join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. A horror writer? Join the Horror Writer’s Association. A writer annoyed by the fact that another reality-show pseudo-celeb has a New York Times bestseller, check out Bloggers Against Celebrity Authors.

Believe me, no matter how you define your work, somewhere out there is a tribal meeting in process, drumming you home.

2 responses to “Book Buddies: Discovering Your Tribe

  1. Ms. Love –

    I truly appreciate your phrase, “finding your tribe” which is an amazingly accurate description for what we all need to do.

    When it comes to the off-the-chart volume of physician misbehavior in our society, I initially believed – wrongly – that my “tribe” would be every living, breathing American, with a pulse worth protecting. I was wrong. Over the past year I’ve discovered there are entire neighborhoods of folks who just don’t want to hear the message. Too spooky to consider, I guess.

    Thank goodness, there are thousands who do.

    Best of luck in your writing adventures.

  2. I’m not a (self-)published author yet, but I definitely appreciate and understanding your encouragement to find my “tribe.” I look forward to other posts and tid-bits of knowledge for the self-publishing journey.


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