Indie Author Community Outreach

by Shelley Rogers, Marketing Manager

One question I’m frequently asked by independent/self published authors is, “….how do I go about getting a booksigning with a major book retailer?”

Unfortunately, it’s not a fun question to answer because often, requests to major book retailers by indie author’s result in a negative response or ignored altogether.  In defense of book retailers, over one million books a year are published so logically and logistically, it would be impossible for every published author to be hosted at an instore event.  However, the reality and restraints of this industry does not minimize the sting of not being invited to the party.

Author Solutions, Inc. announced on Wednesday that they will be sponsoring book signings for several of its independent authors at select Borders stores October 8-10 in Seattle, Washington and Indianapolis, Indiana.  The goal of these signings is to connect local authors with readers in their community. 

“We’re pleased to be working with Borders to support Indie Author Weekend. Bookstores like Borders serve an important role as a community gathering place, and we believe events like these, which feature local authors, strengthen the bond between a community and its bookstore,” said Kevin Weiss, ASI president and chief executive officer.

Kudo’s to Borders for connecting local grown authors with their immediate community while acknowledging the voice and relevance of the independent writer. 

For a list of participating stores and authors, check out the following link:


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