You Oughta Be In Pictures!

by Hashim Hathaway, Literary Publicist

Book adaptations for the screen are all the rage. Have been for years. Filmmakers are always looking for new and fresh material to adapt into movies for mass consumption. If you think about it, there are only a set number of ideas in Hollywood, and the majority of them usually find their beginnings on the printed page. Now generally, the main books set for adaptation generally come in the form of whatever latest best-seller is setting the world on fire. Authors like John Grisham, Stephen King or Tom Clancy represent some of the names that usually appear on the hotlist of producers. It seems whatever they write usually ends up as some sort of film property. If this is true, how can an indie author compete?

Generally, those marquee authors get their film deals not just because they’re popular and well read – placing them in the sights of studios and producers – but also because their agents negotiate deals for adaptation. Their agents work around the clock to sell the rights to their films, to offer studios first-look deals to whatever book comes down the pike. For the indie author who generally has no agency representation, the opportunity to see their work on the silver screen seems like a near-impossibility. But nothing is impossible.

Arguably, the first step towards seeing your words come to life on screen is to write something worth watching. It seems like such an arbitrary thing to say, but the reality is that there are many authors who want their work to end up on screen; however they never stop to think whether or not it should. If you’re one of those authors who want to see their dreams come to life, then the first step is to write something that you yourself would pay to see. Of course, opinions vary, but to be able to visualize just what you’re writing as film material would help make selling your property a bit easier.

There are many steps to take to make it all happen, but for the indie author, there is always help. With the new Hollywood Book-to-Screen packages from AuthorHive, authors have the unique opportunity to have help in preparing their material to catch the eye of producers and filmmakers always hungry for new and exciting content.  Authors will work with professionals who are skilled in creating treatments and even scripts based on the author’s material, all with the goal of attracting the attention needed to make the transition from book to screen. Certainly, there are no guarantees in life, but with the help of AuthorHive there is finally a chance for indie authors to get their work on the Silver Screen along with the likes of Grisham, King and Clancy.


2 responses to “You Oughta Be In Pictures!

  1. I read with interest the above article on making movies from books. The first step is to get past the janitor when contacting these agencies, which I never was able to do. After many comments about my two self published books being Hallmark material, I tried contacting them and it seems you have to be a journalist to submit. If these companies would only be a little more open in what they receive and have certain people appointed to read the material, they wouldn’t miss out on good stuff!

  2. Interesting and very informative- I’d yet to come across a view of this subject from the writer’s side.
    Agents negotiate adaptation rights but some projects may or may not remain in development limbo, and its a big lottery anyway.

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