Branding 101: Be Authentic

by Joe Bayern, Senior Vice President

Loyal readers, like any loyal customer, become invested in the person behind the book. They’ve read the creativity you’ve poured out on your pages. They feel a connection to you; they may even feel like they know you. So it’s important to be yourself.

Based on my experience working with some great brands, I believe a key component for success is maintaining authenticity.  Consumers want to know who you are and what you stand for.  This is especially important if your goal is to build a loyal following for many books to come, or perhaps looking to position yourself with a traditional publisher. 

You have tremendous power to connect directly to your consumers through the use of the internet and social networking, but in order to be successful you have to keep it real.  Consumers realize when they’re being marketed to, so start by simply engaging in a meaningful dialogue with them. 

If you have expertise to share with them, share it.  Consumers will see the value in engaging with you, and you’ll be able to build a loyal following in no time.

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