Branding 101: Understand Distribution Channels

by Joe Bayern, Senior Vice President

You know who’ll buy your book. You know what to say and how to tell your readers about it. Now you’ve got to get it to them. Like any good product strategy, you need to consider your distribution options.  While most authors want to see their books in a Barnes & Noble store, it’s very difficult and typically expensive to get national distribution.  However, there are many other distribution channels available, including online distribution through national retailers and/or on your own website, distribution through traditional book retailers (independents), distribution through non-traditional retailers (for example if you have a book on wines why not sell it in wine stores), and, of course, through personal appearances and events (local fairs, festivals, conventions, genera specific gatherings, etc).

Take some time to understand which options are available and what the economics look like for each option.  Then you can make an educated decision about how much time and money you want to invest in each channel.


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